Whether you have a newer home or are maintaining the value of an older home, one of the most overlooked maintenance needs is gutter cleaning. Keeping gutters cleaned throughout the year is necessary not only for your roof but for the actual structural integrity of your home as well. So when should you have your gutters cleaned? At least twice per year.

Seasonal Cleanings Keep Your Roof Safe

Spring and fall cleanings are typically the most recommended times to have your gutters cleaned. Spring cleanings allow you to get rid of everything that has collected during typical seasonal rainfalls such as twigs, branches, and mildew buildup. Fall gutter cleanings are extremely important because of the amount of foliage during this time of year. Leaves cause blockages and eventually break down into dirt which gives a place for moss to grow. Twice-yearly cleanings go a long way to protecting your roof.

The Dangers Of Clogged Gutters

What happens if you don’t get your gutters cleaned in the spring and fall? The first concern is that clogged gutters cause water to seep into the roof structure itself, underneath the shingles. This damages the actual wood frame and can end up resulting in an expensive roof replacement. Even more overlooked is the damage that the water can cause to the foundation of your home. Because the water can’t be directed away from the base of your house, it seeps into the foundation and can cause huge problems.

The Professional Cleaning Difference

Not sure how to clean your gutters properly? The best way is typically to have a professional do it. Professionals will hand-remove any debris found in the gutter to make sure the gutters themselves aren’t harmed and will perform a professional flushing to get rid of any extra dirt, moss, or algae buildup. This protects your gutters, roof, and home throughout the rest of the year.

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