The gutter cleaning process can be complicated and should not be completed by homeowners alone. It is something that must be regularly completed, and it must be done properly in order to ensure maximum effect. Gutters can cause severe damage to homes if they are not correctly cleaned and examined. As such, companies should be hired to do the job of clean out gutters. But homeowners should still know the task and how it is completed so that they know that the worker is properly and efficiently doing it. 

The first thing to do when cleaning gutters is remove all of the waste products. This includes the obvious, like dirt and leaves and twigs and other objects, as well as smaller materials like bacterial and fungal growth, which is more complicated to remove. Then, when everything has been taken out, it is important for people to check the drain spouts for any materials that could be blocking the gutter. Once all of the unwanted materials have been taken from the home, it is important to flush the gutters to make sure they are working right and that there are not remaining bits of debris. If anything harmful remains, the job is redundant, because growth can spread and continue to harm parts of the gutter and the home. 

Once the gutters have been made free of debris and checked for effectiveness, workers should then check for roof damage. Roof damage can easily occur, especially on roofs with dirty gutters, because the substances can eat away at roofing materials. Any damage found should be reported and logged so as not to continue worsening. The entirety of the roof does not need to be checked, just the areas most closely associated with the gutters. 

Once that has been done, the final step is providing before and after photos of the job. Photos should be taken before any work is done and then retaken at roughly the same angle to show progress from work. This is done mostly for the homeowner to be assured that the work has been properly completed, especially because it is important that homeowners do not attempt to tend to gutters by themselves, as it can be a dangerous job for someone who does not have experience. 

The gutter cleaning process is more tedious than anything else, especially because gutters are often in such hard spots to reach. Gutters need to be manually cleaned out and examined, and then tested for proper function. If not cleaned properly, they need to be reexamined and maintained. And, when cleaning out gutters, other parts of the home must also be checked. This process helps ensure that the home is operating in perfect condition, and should be done roughly two times a year, though that number can increase depending on location. The important thing, however, is that gutters are cleaned regularly so that nobody has to worry about their effectiveness. 

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