Though roofs are more open to the elements than all other parts of a house, we rarely think about how clean they are. Even when, on occasion, the cleanliness of our roof is considered, we rarely do more than accept that it is probably dirty. It’s true, roofs are filled with dirt, stains, and other grime, and can even become a danger to the household if they are not taken care of. While roofs must be maintained, it is important to hire a professional for such work; cleaning the roof is a dangerous job and should not be done by someone who is not trained.

Roofs are breeding grounds for bacteria, algae, and fungus. Not only are these things gross, but they are also bad for roofs, decreasing the lifespan of the shingles and making them deteriorate. Rain and severe weather help to spread the unwanted matter to other parts of the roof as well. Therefore, it is imperative that roofs are regularly cleaned by professionals, to increase their lifespan.

The roof cleaning process is achieved by soft washing. It is not exactly the same as soft washing siding or outdoor areas and furniture, but it does use the same kind of equipment. Because of these tools, the effect on roofs is the same as the effect on siding; it not only cleans the roof but protects it from other harmful matter for a longer period of time. Roofs can become dangerous and inefficient in terms of cost, and without proper soft washing the only option becomes getting a new roof, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

So roof cleaning, as stated, can save time and money. Roofs will last longer and be more efficient, even though there is the added cost of paying for someone to take care of the roof. For the most successful results, roofs need to be cleaned regularly. This typically means annual cleaning to make sure that the roofs are not harboring any other growing material and bacteria. Newer roofs can be cleaned less frequently for the first years after installment, but older roofs will need to be cleaned as needed to maintain efficiency. There are other factors that are at play when considering roof cleaning, but the most important thing to consider is roof age.

Roofs are subject to a lot of ware and damage. Depending on location, weather and temperature can be an added issue. Because roofs are under so much pressure and yet are expected to do so much for homes, it is important to keep them up to date. By having professionals cleaning roofs, people can ensure that their homes are operating at maximum efficiency. Roofs will also be kept at a quality condition for much longer and will be stress free for homeowners who already have many other things to worry about.

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