Keeping your home exterior clean is often the challenge of a lifetime, especially for homeowners who aren’t used to the challenge that protecting your house’s siding can produce. Soft-washing is a great solution for keeping your home clean while protecting your siding and other parts of your home, especially when applied by a professional cleaning contractor. Soft washing involves using a foamy cleaning mixture and low-pressure water that gently rinses off any dirt or decay from the home. The cleaning agents dissolve any mold, mildew, algae, dust, dirt, spider webs, and other debris, making it easy for them to be gently washed away in the stream of soft water. With a professional’s skilled touch, you run no risks of damaging your home while keeping your exterior in tip-top condition. 

Once you’ve gotten your first soft-wash, you might be wondering how soon it will be before you need another one again. The first answer is pretty simple: just look at it. If you notice the outside of your home getting dirty, dull, or starting to smell, that’s a good indicator that it’s time for your home to get cleaned. Other indicators include just after a heavy storm, if you live close to dirt or gravel roads, after long stretches of hot or humid weather, or after a lot of rain. In any of these examples, getting your home soft-washed can relieve environmental or biological debris that could bond to your home and cause mold or water damage. Essentially, how often you hire someone to soft-wash your house depends heavily on the area that you live in.

For homeowners who live in relatively temperate and stable climates, you’re going to want to make a soft-washing appointment at least once a year. Summer is generally a good time to get it done, as the sun can help dry out the water faster and prevent mold or other problems caused by water sitting in the siding of your home. You want to avoid humid or wet times of the year as much as possible so that your home can dry out and you don’t have to worry about causing mild or water damage. Your cleaning contractor can likely advise on when the best time of year in your area is to have your home soft-washed, so call (Alvarez Power Washing) today for advice on when and how to have your home soft-washed by expert professionals! (973-651-8225)